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7-hills hiking trail

3:29 h 218 hm 259 hm 13,1 km moderate

Darmstadt, Deutschland


Seven hills line up south of Darmstadt on this 13 km route with gentle inclines. The most famous is the Mathildenhoehe, the center of Art Nouveau. 

The trail leads mainly through the forest. Along the way, the seven hills offer magnificent views. Buildings visible from afar were erected on the hills themselves, such as the Bismarck Tower, built by Darmstadt students in 1906, or the 28-metre-high Ludwig Tower, which has been accessible since 1882. Interesting natural monuments lie along the route. The gardens on the Rosenhöhe are beautiful to look at. Various temples and shelters invite you to take a break along the way. We end our hike through a bird sanctuary and past old fruit trees.

Route description:
The hike starts at the Ostbahnhof station in Darmstadt. At the back of the station, we go through the entrance at the gatekeeper‘s lodge on Thießweg into the Rosenhöhe Landscape Park. In the landscape park, the route continues along the Ludwig-Engel-Weg. We leave the park again via Zuckmayer-Weg. To our left is the Oberfeld estate. From the Dreibrunnenanlage, we follow the Meiereibach. Between the Botanical Garden and the Technical University, we head for the Vivarium. We keep to the right of the Darmbach and stay on the right-hand side of the railroad tracks. The Vorderwiesenschneise goes around the Dachsberg, the second hill of our hike.

After the Dommersberg, we cross the B449 and head north again towards Herrgottsberg. Behind the playground, we turn left into Salzlackschneise and pass the Goethe pond on the right. Through a winding forest path, we pass the observatory on the Ludwigshöhe and soon reach the Schembstempel of the Marienhöhe. The path then leads through the forest to the Prinzenberg - the last of the seven hills. From here, the route continues through the orchards of Eberstadt until the streetcar finally brings us back to the city at the "Wartehalle" stop in Heidelberger Landstraße/Darmstadt-Eberstadt.

This route can also be walked in the opposite direction.

Equipment: Good footwear recommended.

Marking: red S

  • Aufstieg: 218 hm

  • Abstieg: 259 hm

  • Länge der Tour: 13,1 km

  • Höchster Punkt: 253 m

  • Differenz: 132 hm

  • Niedrigster Punkt: 121 m



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Features trail

Day tour (hiking)

Many views

Cultural / historical


Rest point

Directions by car

Coming from the Odenwald, take the B 45 at Dieburg onto the B 26 to Darmstadt. Head towards the city center. The Ostbahnhof is located on the right-hand side (Erbacher Straße 87). Parking: Parking lot at Ostbahnhof, Erbacher Straße 87, 64287 Darmstadt

Public transportation

Directions: Odenwaldbahn from Eberbach/Michelstadt or Frankfurt/Hanau to Darmstadt-Ostbahnhof. Return journey: From the "Wartehalle" stop in Darmstadt-Eberstadt, take the STR 6 to Luisenplatz in Darmstadt. Then take the bus to Ostbahnhof. Information: Information can be obtained from the mobility center at Michelstadt station (MOBIZ): Tel. 06061/97 99 88 or the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund : Tel. 01801 / 768 4636 (landline 3.9 ct./min; mobile max. 42 ct./min.)

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Tourinfo PDF
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