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Amorbach abbey

Amorbach, Schloßpl. 1

A tour through the former Benedictine abbey of Amorbach with its abbey church, monastery library and green hall is an impressive experience.

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Amorbach abbey with organ recital

Amorbach, Schlossplatz 1

The impressive baroque organ in the Amorbach Abbey offers visitors an impressive sound experience.

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Heppenheim historic city tour

Heppenheim, Großer Markt

Discover the old town of Heppenheim with its romantic alleys and many sights.

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Wine discovery trail

Heppenheim, Darmstädter Straße 56

With 70 stations, this adventure trail offers you extensive information on wine, lifestyle, climate and history.

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Sound trail at Hammelbach

Grasellenbach, Schulstraße

Various instruments such as wind harp, bell or xylophone line this hiking trail and enchant you with their sounds.

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Michelstadt night patrol

Michelstadt, Marktplatz 1

In his historical costume, the Michelstädter night watchman takes you into the dark old town and tells you interesting facts from past centuries.

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Hohenloher Hof farm

Michelstadt, Langen-Brombacher Str. 1

Families with children will find everything their heart desires at the Hohenloher Hof: pony rides, a playground, a soccer field or a play barn ensure that there is no boredom.

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Amorsbrunn chapel

Amorbach, Amorsbrunn 2

The Amorsbrunn Chapel is a cultural and historical gem. In the chapel built on a spring shrine, the Jesse altar is particularly worth seeing.

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Amorbach Templerhaus

Amorbach, Bädersweg 1

How did people live and build in the past? The Templar House in Amorbach gives us an insight into everyday life in past centuries.

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Odenwald wooden toy makers

Reichelsheim, Siegfriedstraße 60

Rocking horses bring back childhood memories. At the Odenwälder Gäulschesmacher, the toy horses of all sizes are lovingly handcrafted to this day.

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Schmucker brewery in Mossautal

Mossautal, Hauptstraße 91

The art of brewing from the Odenwald awaits you in the private brewery Schmucker. Look over the shoulder of the master brewer and see how specialty beers can be made from just a few ingredients.

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Quellkirche church in Schöllenbach

Oberzent, Obere Siegfriedstrasse 1

The pilgrimage church from the 15th century was destroyed in the Thirty Years‘ War, but was redesigned between 1863 and 1865 with a St. Mary‘s window, altarpiece and font.

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Berres Nudeln in Walldürn

Walldürn, Lindenstraße 1A

At Berres Nudeln, you will learn how pasta specialties are made from grain and can then try them at the rich pasta buffet.

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Weisse Hube organic goat farm in Bad König-Momart

Bad König, Hohe Str. 72

A tour of the "Weisse Hube" organic goat farm not only gives you an insight into the farm‘s own cheese dairy, but also provides you with interesting information about organic farming and goat and cattle breeding.

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Breuberg countryside tour in a covered wagon

Breuberg, Mümlingstraße 10

A day trip with the covered wagon guarantees you fun, beautiful landscapes and information about Breuberg Castle, which was built in the 12th century.

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Castle tour in Heppenheim

Heppenheim, Burg Starkenburg

Enjoy the fantastic panoramic view from the glass viewing platform of the Starkenburg and learn more about the historical complex.

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Burgruine Rodenstein

Fränkisch-Crumbach, Eberbach

The Rodenstein castle ruins are surrounded by numerous legends. Let the tales take you into another world and hear how the castle inspired 19th century literature.

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Darmstadt at a glance

Darmstadt, Luisenplatz

If you want to learn as much as possible about Darmstadt in a short time, this is the right place: older and more recent history, art and culture will be brought closer to you on this tour.

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Ludwig mine

Wald-Michelbach, Am Wetzel 19

A tour of the pit takes you into the world of manganese ore, which was mined here for the production of iron. The Ludwig pit is a museum industrial monument from the heyday of mining in the region.

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Rothenberg historic waterworks

Rothenberg, Waldparkplatz an der L 3410

A gem of engineering awaits you in Oberzent in the Rothenberg district. This pumping station supplied the community with water in the first six decades of the 20th century.

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Koziol museum

Erbach, Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 90

During this tour you will get to know the company and family history of Koziol in the interactive experience museum and with a look at the ongoing production.

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Court life at Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg, Schlosshof 1

During this costume tour, a maid, a bourgeoisie or a lady-in-waiting will bring you closer to life at Heidelberg Castle using stories and anecdotes.

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"Feuer und Wasser" geopark trail in Mömlingen

Mömlingen, Am Ziegelrain

During this tour you will see how the two elements fire and water shape the landscape around Mömlingen and you will have wonderful views of the Mömlingtal.

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Parcours in the Königswald

Mömlingen, Parkplatz am Schützenhaus

This course is not only a sporting offer, but also a social one. The eleven stations spread over 2.5 kilometers are all about developing teamwork and communication within the group.

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German Raptor Centre and Guttenberg Castle

Haßmersheim, Burgstraße 8

At Guttenberg Castle you will experience fascinating flight demonstrations, during which eagles, vultures and other birds of prey glide over the Neckar valley twice a day.

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German Dragon Museum, Lindenfels

Lindenfels, In der Stadt 2

This is all about the dragon: myths and stories from Africa, America and Australia await visitors. The various dragon motifs from books, stamps and coins are also worth a look at the German Dragon Museum.

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German Ivory Museum Deluxe

Erbach, Marktplatz 7

Would you like a personal tour in peace and quiet? Then you have come to the right place with an exclusive visit to the German Ivory Museum outside of opening hours!

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Die Breuberger Planwagenfahrt ins Grüne

Breuberg, Mümlingstraße 10

For two and a half hours, a team of horses will pull you on a wide variety of paths along the Mümling River or over wooded mountain ridges with ever new and beautiful views.

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Frankenstein Castle and its history

Mühltal, Burg Frankenstein

Are you enthusiastic about the stories of Frankenstein Castle? Are past cultures and exciting stories close to your heart? Would you like to expand your knowledge of  Frankenstein Castle?

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Hessian regional museum

Darmstadt, Friedenspl. 1

You can see numerous important collections from the fields of art, cultural and natural history in the Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt. The diversity of the exhibition areas has made this house one of the most important museums in Europe.

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Die Gasse als Bühne - Amorbach in kleinen Theaterszenen

Amorbach, Schlossplatz

During this special city tour, our tour guides in historical costumes bring history and stories from the past to life.

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Gotthard ruins at Weilbach

Weilbach, Gotthardsruine

The mysterious Gotthard ruins on the Gotthardsberg high above Amorbach have by no means revealed all of its secrets. You can find out more on a guided tour.

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Church of St. John the Baptist in Niedernhausen

Fischbachtal, Darmstädter Str. 14

This historic church is located in the middle of the village and impresses with its design with church garden, rectory, parish hall and coach house as well as its interior.

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The Laurentius Church in Fränkisch-Crumbach

Fränkisch-Crumbach, Bahnhofstraße 4

Stories, legends, traditions - there is a lot to tell about the Laurentius Church. Let yourself be drawn under the spell of this church, which is popular with wedding couples!

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Odenwald-Therme spa in Bad König

Bad König, Elisabethenstraße 13

A wellness oasis with indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, a salt grotto and much more awaits you here. A wellness department and the spa and health center pamper you with cosmetic treatments and massages.

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Odenwald cheese dairy in Fürth-Lörzenbach

Fürth, Lauten-Weschnitzer Str. 11

The Odenwälder cooked cheese is an absolute must! At Frank Rettig, the specialty is made according to his grandma‘s traditional recipe.

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Sarolta Chapel in Fränkisch-Crumbach

Fränkisch-Crumbach, Bahnhofstraße 25

29 artistically painted glass windows and the colored terracotta pattern of the masonry give the Sarolta Chapel a special fascination.

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Heidelberg Castle and the Wittelsbach dynasty

Heidelberg, Schlosshof 1

In historical costume, a contemporary of the Wittelsbach family will guide you through the castle and take you back to the history of that time.

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A trip to the Brudergrund Erbach wildlife park

Erbach, Mossauer Str.

The tour starts in Erbach Castle with an impressive view of the natural history and hunting collections of Count Franz I. After a short walk with a wonderful view of the city, visitors reach the idyllic Brudergrund wildlife park.

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Erlenbach mountain zoo near Fürth

Fürth, Tierparkstraße 20

Are you interested in an animal nature experience? Heights surrounded by beeches shape the image of our spacious open-air enclosure on seven hectares. You will get to know the world of mountain animals on your approximately one kilometer circular route.

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Weckbach village museum

Weilbach, Ohrbachtalstraße 23

If you want to get an insight into traditional handicrafts, you have come to the right place in the Weckbacher Dorfmuseum!

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Reichelsheim regional museum

Reichelsheim, Rathauspl. 7

Housed in a town hall built in 1554, the museum showcases bygone professions and crafts (such as gingerbread baking, dyeing and shoemaking) and houses historic prison cells and the old local school room. In the latter you can practice the writing on slates and follow the development of writing...

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A day in Amorbach

Amorbach, Schlossplatz 1

With this all-round package, you can experience the idyllic Amorbach with its architectural gems comfortably and compactly in half a day.

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Odenwald open-air museum

Walldürn, Weiherstraße 12

This museum complex with numerous historical buildings allows deep insights into the mostly simple, but also very captivating past of the earlier rural world of life and work.

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Weinheim Castle

Weinheim, Obertorstraße 9

The Weinheimer Schloss is a former castle of the princes of the Electoral Palatinate and has a long and eventful history.

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Adventure tour of Reichenberg Castle

Reichelsheim, Schloss Reichenberg 1

The whole family will enjoy the beautifully situated Reichenberg Castle. Interactive offers offer play, fun and learning at the same time.

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Franconian red wine trail

Großwallstadt, Hauptstraße 23

On this special hiking trail you will not only learn interesting facts about the topic of "wine", but can also taste it afterwards.

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Breuburg Castle in Breuberg-Neustadt

Breuberg, Burgstraße

This guided tour takes you through 850 years of history over the extensive castle grounds and through the various rooms.

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Schleiersbach farm

Fränkisch-Crumbach, Schleiersbacher Str. 1

Guests have been welcome here for over 115 years. During a visit to the farm, you can also gain an insight into pasture management and eat beef from your own farm.

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Bauer brewery in Amorbach

Amorbach, Beuchen 70

After the secret of the art of brewing has been revealed for you on the guided tour through the fine distillery, you can then taste award-winning brandies in the cozy schnapps hut.

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