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Sound trail at Hammelbach

Schulstraße, 64689 Grasellenbach, Deutschland(430 m über NN)

Various instruments such as wind harp, bell or xylophone line this hiking trail and enchant you with their sounds.

Rediscover the sensual meaning of sound on this circular trail that restores a sense of serenity. The trail includes the source of the Weschnitz tributary, the Lion wind harp and four wind games. Minor-key sounds sensitise you to the silence of the forest, and the large Überwald bell stimulates the imagination. The trail leads to a wind lyre and humming stone via a forest marimba and wooden xylophone. 


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Gemeinde Grasellenbach

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Schulstraße 1, 64689 Grasellenbach, Deutschland

+49 6207 2554

+49 6207 82333

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