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Discover the Hessian Bergstrasse in the company of local winemakers

min. 15 / max. 70 Person(en)

Darmstädter Straße 56, 64646 Heppenheim, Deutschland

Despite being the smallest wine-growing region in Germany, the Hessian Bergstrasse produces some of the country‘s best wines.

 The Bergstrasse winegrowers‘ association is happy to arrange wine tastings for groups of up to 70 people. In addition to a welcome drink, you can also enjoy a selection of classic Odenwald snacks (extra charge of Euro 11 applies). 


4er Weinprobe € 8,00 pro Person6er Weinprobe € 12,00 pro Person8er Weinprobe € 16,00 pro Person
ab 8,00 €

Bergsträsser Winzer eG


Darmstädter Straße 56, 64646 Heppenheim, Deutschland

+49 6252 7994-0

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