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A trip to the Brudergrund Erbach wildlife park

max. 25 Person(en)

Mossauer Str., 64711 Erbach, Deutschland

The tour starts in Erbach Castle with an impressive view of the natural history and hunting collections of Count Franz I. After a short walk with a wonderful view of the city, visitors reach the idyllic Brudergrund wildlife park.

In addition to interesting and worth knowing about game, forest and water, this hike in the midst of a natural picture-book backdrop also offers culture, relaxation and an unforgettable experience of nature. The tour can be supplemented with a stop and is thus extended by about two kilometers.


Preis für Gruppen von 5 bis 25 Personen
Gruppen bis max. 25 Personen € 120,00. Mit Einkehr: € 150,00.
Wanderung plus Einkehr: € 150,00
60,00 €

Touristik-Information Erbach und OdenwaldLaden

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Marktplatz 1, 64711 Erbach, Deutschland

+49 6062 6480

+49 6062 6489

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