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Children‘s tour through Amorbach

max. 15 Person(en)

Schlossplatz 1, 63916 Amorbach, Deutschland

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On this guided tour through Amorbach, you will experience that children can have fun on a city tour. A nice offer for children‘s birthdays!

There is a lot to discover in Amorbach. Did you know where the name Amorbach comes from and when it became a city? On our city tour for children, we‘ll tell you where the great Nibelung hero Siegfried was murdered, what punishments criminals had to expect in the past and what the English royal family has to do with Amorbach. During the tour we also visit the parish church of St. Gangolf and the oldest half-timbered house in Bavaria. A lot of fun, also for children‘s birthdays. For children aged 6 and over, duration: 75 minutes


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Gruppenpreis: 50 Euro bis maximal 15 Kinder
Da es sich um eine reine Kinderführung handelt, müssen die teilnehmenden Kinder den vollen Preis bezahlen.

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Schlossplatz 1, 63916 Amorbach, Deutschland

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