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Nightwatchman‘s tour of Groß-Umstadt

max. 25 Person(en)

Obere Marktstr., 64823 Groß-Umstadt, Deutschland

The night watchman from Groß-Umstadt offers a different kind of city tour with his exciting stories.

Accompany the traditional city watchman, with his lantern, horn and three-cornered hat, as he makes his nocturnal rounds around the city‘s sights. Tales of local history, and the traditional watchman‘s cries of Hört Ihr Leut! and Lasst Euch sagen!, bring the medieval tradition of the city nightwatch to life. Because the nightwatchman knows everyone‘s secrets... 


€ 100,00 pro Gruppe (maximal 25 Personen)
ab 4,00 €

Stadt Groß-Umstadt


Obere Marktstr., 64823 Groß-Umstadt, Deutschland

+49 6078 781261

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